Writing workshop

Imagine entering a classroom where students are immersed in a workshop approach to writing. You would see the following:

  • teachers providing short, focused lessons
    • on the craft of writing
    • on the process of writing
    • on learning grammar through context
    • on learning genres as vehicles for writing
  • teachers sharing their own writing lives
  • teachers reading aloud a variety of genres
  • teachers teaching whole group and small group based on student need
  • teachers regularly conferencing with individual students
  • teachers making assessment and evaluation a daily routine
  • students selecting their own writing topics
  • students using a writer’s notebook to explore their writing lives
  • students writing independently for significant blocks of time
  • students studying mentor texts to guide their writing
  • students sharing their writing
    • during small group conferences
    • during peer conferences
    • during student/teacher conferences
  • students developing and publishing selected writing projects

This is the environment of writing workshop. I help teachers gain the confidence to provide this environment for their students.