Coaching Overview

The popularity of coaching comes at a time when people feel disconnected and isolated. It is a gift to experience 100% of someone’s attention and be heard and understood. It is a wonderful, affirming feeling in a world that has become incredibly fast-paced.

  • Coaching begins with the idea that you want to change because there is a goal you want to achieve
  • Coaching helps you draw out new perspectives which challenge old thinking.
  • Coaching helps you become a self-directed learner and a better problem-solver.

These goals are accomplished by developing a powerful relationship between us.

As your coach, I become your greatest champion.

  • I listen deeply to what you say and what you don’t say.
  • I navigate with curiosity to help reveal more of you to yourself. This awareness will help you make better choices.
  • I expand your thinking by weaving in new concepts and inviting you to experiment with new models and ways of doing things.
  • I help you design supportive environments that sustain your goal.

I do all this with continuous respect for who you are as a human being.