Coaching – Private Sessions

Clients come to me because their life-wheel is giving them a bumpy ride. The cause of that ride may be found in different axels.

  • Maybe it’s their career.
  • Maybe it’s with family and friends.
  • Maybe it’s with significant others.
  • Maybe it’s a lack of recreation.
  • Maybe it’s health.
  • Maybe it’s money.
  • Maybe it’s personal growth.
  • Maybe it’s their physical environment.

These are what we explore during the first session.

You are hiring me as your coach because you want to make significant changes in your life. These changes will sometimes happen fast and sometimes not. Because change happens over time, I request a three-month commitment to the coaching process. During this time, there would be two sessions a month, each lasting one hour. These may be in-person sessions or phone sessions, depending on location. What this allows is for the coaching relationship to develop and to be powerful so that when the going gets tough we stay in collaboration and work through to the other side.

As your coach, you have my word that I am 100% committed to you being fulfilled in achieving your goals. If you wish, we can continue on a month-to-month basis after the initial time period.

As a client, what I need from you is the ability to reflect on your own thinking as we explore perspectives and undeveloped potential. I also need a commitment from you to follow through with the work that is required for you to achieve what, until now, has not been available to you. As your coach, I’ll be your champion every step of the way.