Consulting Testimonials

“Our Lady of Mercy Academy has worked with Dr. Aili Pogust for four years. Her knowledge, expertise and extraordinary ability to connect with the staff ensured total implementation of a highly successful balanced literacy program in our school. Dr. Pogust’s work with the staff and students was instrumental in energizing our language arts instruction, raising expectations and providing long term benefits to our program. We honor every minute of our work with Aili and continue to celebrate the successful work that she has inspired. We love her and will continue our collaboration.”
Liz Ventola
Principal, Our Lady of Mercy Academy
“I thank you for helping us to help ourselves because that was the true secret to that Friday. People could have walked out of there no different than when they walked in. It was all up to us. You are like the Wizardess of Oz… you help us to see what was already there and what we already knew, but were too blinded by our own hang-ups to see.”
Leslie Robison
Greenbrier Elementary, Hagerstown, MD
“I liked the way you used the three different learning modalities to present your information. It really helped me to experience and understand what you were teaching us.”
Dawnylle Cerula
Orchard School, Moorestown, NJ
“I like how you took one step at a time, then checked for understanding by having us write about it afterwards. Thank you for a useful and worthwhile workshop.”
Craig Gibson
Orchard School, Moorestown, NJ
“This was truly a seminar as opposed to a lecture. I greatly appreciated the pacing. Dr. Pogust was extremely attentive to our feelings. I leave here feeling empowered, not overwhelmed. I’m excited to use these strategies in everyday situations as well as the work setting.”
Stephanie Dougherty
Leap Academy University Charter School, Camden, NJ
“What I found useful was the language which connected me to others. Using this new language taught me and told me that I was competent for the task(s). Thanks.”
Dan Martinez
Leap Academy University Charter School, Camden, NJ
“It has been our faculty’s unique privilege to have been mentored by Dr. Aili Pogust for the past two academic years (2010-12), under the auspices of the Center for Literacy Development of Rutgers University. Dr. Pogust, whom we fondly call “The Oracle,” has revolutionized the Yeshiva of Elizabeth’s entire approach to what we used to term our “English Language Arts” curriculum; under her guidance, we have now traveled far down the road toward implementation of many aspects of a balanced literacy curriculum. Blending her unique skill sets and experience as a reading and writing consultant, a “Brain Gym” coach, and a team-building coach, Dr. Pogust has helped us systematically raise the level of instruction in our Grades Primer (EC-5) through Grade 3. Concomitantly and just as crucially, she has broadened and deepened the underlying metacognitive awareness and self-reflection of our teachers as they craft their lessons and contemplate their fundamental roles as effective educators. Not satisfied to merely offer her suggestions but remain apart from school culture, Dr. Pogust has extended herself to understand the diverse personalities and individual needs of all of her mentees, thereby rendering her guidance far more impactful and permanent. She has thoughtfully given of herself to address administrative concerns and to educate parents, thereby indelibly leaving her mark on aspects of school culture far beyond the scope of our classrooms alone.The whole Yeshiva of Elizabeth has become a better, more effective educational institution through
Dr. Pogust’s efforts, and we look forward to her continued guidance as we transition and scaffold her methodologies into our older grades.”

Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz
Yeshiva of Elizabeth
Jewish Education Center