Training Programs

Workshops on Reading

Building comprehension

With strategic lessons
With small groups
With independent reading
With conferencing
With literature circles
With read alouds
With book talks
With books that motivate today’s students
With application in the content areas

Workshops on Writing

Creating writers

With craft lessons
With focused writing groups
With writing choice
With process writing cycles
With writers’ notebooks
With teacher conferences
With peer reviews
With genre study
With author study
With application in the content areas

Workshops on Brain Gym®

Providing physical movements

That support classroom transitions
That support organizing and planning
That support hand-eye coordination for writing
That support processing skills
That support self-monitoring behavior
That support release of tension
That support sustained attention

Workshops on Communication Skills

Strengthening conferences

Between teachers and students
Between teachers and parents
Between administrators and teachers

Workshops on Coaching

Facilitating human development

Through compassion
Through deep listening
Through thought-provoking questions
Through the effective use of language