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Consulting: Creating Consensus

A common desire to do our best to educate students, while strongest in our intent, is weakened by our cascading initiatives, our increasing demands and our domineering beliefs about what to teach. We must bring to our educating task the creation of consensus, communicating what can be accepted toward positive, productive, perceptive decisions. This communication is accomplished through dialogue. Consulting is a preparatory dialogue that assists individuals, groups or committees to identify needs, explore perspectives and choose actions. The Pogust Group effectively facilitates that dialogue.

Taking In A View

If the view your organization is looking at is related to the following topics, the Pogust Group will help you dialogue possibilities.

  • acquiring literacy in reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • embedding social/emotional learning in the curriculum
  • implementing instructional coaching services for educators
  • providing well-being strategies for the school community

The Pogust Group brings five powerful questions to a consulting session.

What are your best hopes?
What difference would that make?
What is already working in the right direction?
What would be the next step to continue in the right direction?
How will you determine progress?
“I have had the pleasure of working with Aili for a few years now. Aili is an excellent communicator, listener and collaborator. Our staff found her to be warm, approachable and realistic. She never lost touch with what the staff needed. In particular, her series of workshops on social emotional learning helped the staff search within themselves to find the empathy and passion needed to address the learning and emotional needs of our students.”
— M. Coyle

“What I found useful was the language which connected me to others. Using this new language taught me and told me that I was competent for the task(s).”
— D. Martinez

“I thank you for helping us to help ourselves because that was the true secret to that Friday. People could have walked out of there no different than when they walked in. It was all up to us. You helped us to see what was already there and what we already knew.”
— L. Robison
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