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Training: Tackling a Need

Workshops offered by the Pogust Group are customized and focused on practical applications based on an organization's stated needs. They are designed to include large group, small group and individual learning. Visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners are also supported as they experience workshop content. Individual follow-up coaching is an option available for all training.

Workshops to Digest

  • Building competence in reading
  • Building competence in writing
  • Building competence in collaborating
  • Building competence in communicating
  • Building competence in speaking
Building Readers

  • Exploring the reading workshop model
  • Learning how to keep mini-lessons mini
  • Acquiring confidence when conferencing
  • Integrating literature circles
  • Using read alouds to motivate readers
  • Strengthening reading through small groups
  • Applying reading strategies in content areas
Building Writers

  • Exploring the writing workshop model
  • Learning how to keep mini-lessons mini
  • Acquiring confidence when conferencing
  • Incorporating writers' notebooks
  • Empowering writers through choice
  • Gaining writing competence through genres
  • Applying writing strategies in content areas
Building Collaborative Teaching

  • Introducing peer learning labs
  • Facilitating peer learning labs
  • Transitioning into coaching
Building Communication Skills

  • Practicing deep listening
  • Using paraphrasing to clarify
  • Asking questions that stimulate thinking
Building Public Speaking

  • Saying something worthwhile
  • Developing self-confidence
  • Organizing the content
  • Delivering the speech
“Dr. Pogust’s work with the staff and students was instrumental in energizing our language arts instruction, raising expectations and providing long term benefits to our program. We honor every minute of our work with Aili and continue to celebrate the successful work that she has inspired.”
— L. Ventola

“You have instilled in me that putting learning into our bodies through movement is such an effective way to teach.”
— M. Ware

“Our peer learning lab approach has become a staple to sustained professional growth in our district, fostering a collegial approach that leads to more productive collaboration and communication for all participants.”
— S. Reeve
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