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Using deep listening, intuiting, exploring and collaborating to facilitate educators in forwarding their goal-oriented actions


Facilitating dialogues with administrators, teams or committees to move forward with practical action plans that integrate best practices in literacy


Designing and implementing interactive workshops that educate teachers on how to teach students effective ways to read, write, speak and listen


Maintaining physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance both personally and professionally through strategic actions
What's On Your Horizon?

Dr. Aili Pogust assists teachers, instructional coaches, supervisors and administrators with targeting effective teaching practices in literacy through coaching, consulting and training. Integrated in all her work is an emphasis on well-being because good teaching requires a balanced human self.

Dr. Pogust's approach to coaching is collaborative, and educators find her deep listening skills useful as they discover and empower themselves to meet their individual needs. Her ability to ask powerful reflective questions increases the potential for administrators, teams or committees to think through the literacy needs of their students. She views her training through a coaching lens, guiding participants to contemplate the information and resources offered. She incorporates large group, small group and individual learning opportunities throughout her workshops. "Practical" is a frequent word used in her evaluations. Integrated throughout her workshops are physical movements that enhance learning and well-being which can be easily transferred into classroom practices.

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  • one-on-one literacy coaching
  • instructional coach mentoring
  • reading and writing workshop training
  • reading and writing in content area training
  • peer learning lab training
  • listening skills training
  • public speaking training
  • well-being strategic actions training
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“If you are looking to improve your mind and change negative thoughts and patterns, I highly recommend The Pogust Group. They've made a huge difference in my life.”
— M. Sarnits

“The Pogust Group is wonderful and knowledgeable on how to make improvements within myself. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and grow.”
— E. Mays

“Our students and staff rave about the impact that Dr. Pogust has had on them. Many staff shared that the techniques they learned in her workshops were easily integrated into the classroom and had immediate impact.”
— S. Cook

Dr. Aili Pogust Releases Beyond Just Coping: Pursuing Balance for Educators and Parents

Powerful Book Outlines Four-Step Balancing Process To Facilitate Learning

MARLTON, N.J. – October 3, 2021 – From remote and hybrid classrooms, to increased social media usage, to physically and emotionally spent adults, the constraints on learning have seemingly never been under more pressure. “What does it take for children to want to learn in your presence?” is the question Dr. Aili Pogust, a veteran educator with over 30 years of teaching and consulting experience, asks and answers in her new book for educators and parents.

Beyond Just Coping: Pursuing Balance for Educators and Parents, by Dr. Pogust, explains that the answer, pursuing balance among our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, creates a presence where students feel emotionally safe to learn.

Pogust’s book includes a four-step process for students in creating, executing and reflecting on personal goals based on what she calls ‘the four bodies.’ The culmination of this process is not the achievement of the goal but what strides have been made towards that goal.

“Many times the journey is more important than the achievement. I want students to understand this,” said Dr. Pogust. “And to facilitate that journey, parents and teachers must learn to make connections to whom they truly are as individuals. This self-awareness creates empathy and a safe environment for others that assists in the learning process.”

Dr. Aili Pogust is an educational trainer, coach and consultant. She offers abundant resources and a practical four-step process to balance each of the four bodies. Her work in education spans elementary grades to graduate school, including 3,000 hours coaching teachers, instructional coaches, supervisors and administrators.

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